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Iñupiaq Cultural Values

Alaska Native Languages - Iñupiaq


Alaska Native Languages - Yup'ik

Ungalaqlingmiut: A Study in Language and Society 

A Doctoral Dissertation for partial fulfillment for the degree Doctor of Philosophy presented to the University of Minnesota Graduate School, December 1972

By Thomas Clifton Correll



Reindeer Herder's Song performed by Thora Katchatag


Two songs performed by Thora Katchatag - Women's Juggling Song and Caribou Hunting Song



Unalakleet Village picture album by Linda Sloan


Place names in and around Unalakleet and along the Unalakleet River as documented in the early 1970s by doctoral student Thomas Clifton Correll.



It Has Been in Our Blood for Years and Years that We Are Salmon Fishermen – A Book of Oral History from Unalakleet, Alaska, USA Kaisu and Tero Mustonen with the people of Unalakleet Snowchange Cooperative, Finland, 2009



One Hundred Word Checklist for Patlirmiut and Unalakleet Dialects



Qawiaraq Inupiaq Literacy Manual by Lawrence D. Kaplan - Alaska Native Language Center  - from information provided by Irene Katchatag and Maryann Haugen




The Unalit, The Original Tribal - printed January 31, 2006, Volume 3

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