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Elderly Services

Elders' Care

This service is for family caregivers of Elders 60 years of age or older, grandparents 55 years of age or older who are providing care for grandchildren 18 years of age or younger, and elders providing care for disabled family member. Caregivers have a tough job and Elders Care provides support services. Services include: Information & Assistance, Individual Counseling & Caregiver Alliance, Caregiver Training and other supplemental services identified by the caregiver. These services are meant to improve their quality of life while they care for the family member. Some services are information, referral, outreach, legal assistance referral, homemaker services, chores, visiting, family support, advocacy, letter reading or writing, shopping, and errands. 

Please contact Helen "Huda" Ivanoff at the Native Village of Unalakleet's elders' services at 907-624-3443 to see if you or anyone you know qualify. 

Elders' Nutrition Program

The Native Village of Unalakleet also provides an Elders' Nutrition Program, which provides congregate lunch and transportation from September through May. Elders over 60 years of age and over can participate in the lunch program at the Myles Gonongnan /Aaron Paneok Community Hall between 12 noon until 1pm. For those who are home bound, lunch can be delivered to elders.


Applications can be completed with the Elders' Lunch Program coordinator Leila Eakon. You can contact her at 907-624-3443.

The Elders' driver is available to provide transportation to and from lunch and for other errands for Elders like grocery shopping, paying bills and checking mail. You can contact our driver, Alvin Ivanoff, on his cell phone: 907-625-1061.

Elders Assisted Living Facility

Native Village of Unalakleet has almost completed construction of the Elders Assisted Living Facility (EALF) in Unalakleet.  The design incorporates 10 private rooms for elders with handicap accessible bathrooms.  These rooms open up into a communal living room and dining room for the elders who are no longer able to reside in their homes, but who do not qualify for the skilled nursing level of care.  With this facility opening soon NVU hopes to place its elders in the facility which is close to home, close to family, close to friends and close to community.


The Native Village of Unalakleet would like to thank the following contributors:


Thomas & Cindy Massie Foundation

Norton Sound Economic Development  Corporation

Norton Sound Health Corporation

Rasmuson Foundation

David & Annabelle Cunningham

Native Village of Unalakleet




Guidance - Agnes Sweetsir 

Land - Unalakleet Native Corporation 

Gravel - Bering Straits Native Corporation

EALF Sign - Reid Tulloch, John Weemes, Sony Mashiana, Tim Daniels, Dave Cunningham

Planning - Alaska State Legislature

Pre-Development - The Foraker Group

Grant Writer - Joan Domnick-Johnson

Artwork - Jim & Blanche Cragle

Project Manager - Robert Dickens

Site Manager - Linda Towarak

Facility Director - Tracy Cooper

Construction Contractor - F&W Construction

Design & Engineering - Bettisworth North A&E

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